Orpheus in the Underworld 1981 Review Clips
Chicago Sun Times
Robert C. Marsh

I must credit Philip A. Kraus, who directed the opera, with the manner in which a large cast was assembled with every role acceptably played and sung. The children were especially good; the principals were, on the whole, very good indeed.  How many caught the fact that Darrell J. Rowader was made up to look like the composer?  That was a brilliant point, as was the neon sign pointing to hell.  And those pink, scene stealing sheep in Act 1 aren't to be forgotten either.

Gay Life
Lawrence Bommer

Under Philip Kraus' spirited direction, the operetta was a feast for the gods, complete with four ballets, staged by Amy Kekst (one consisting entirely of flies), gorgeous costumes (brilliantly designed by Jordan Ross), and enough decadence to make the Second Empire blush all over again, plus a fiery hell where Mark Mongold could indulge his lights in their own orgy.