The Light Opera Works Logos
The initial logo of the company was adopted for the first season in 1981. Philip Kraus wanted the symbol of the company to reflect an air of elegance and class coupled with a bit of whimsy. Thus the company opted for an elegant but clear script which interlinked the three words framed by a curved line with two flourishes at both ends. The logo was a reflection of the art form itself; a frilly, classy statement that represented the hallmarks of the operetta and light opera repertoire.
Later on, into the second decade of the company, managing director director Bridget McDonough decided that the logo wasn't "commercial" enough and had it redesigned. Even though Philip Kraus and more than several board members felt no need to change the logo, McDonough's marketing expert G. Todd Hunt had convinced her that the initial logo had to go. Over Kraus' objections it was changed unilaterally, typical of the "my way or the highway" attitude of the managing director. Kraus and many Light Opera Works artists often joked that the new logo resembled a beer label!